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How to book a great domain for your business?

How to book a great domain for your business?

Getting a good domain name is the first step towards marketing your product or service  in Internet marketplace. Even though it seems to be pretty easy to book a domain name  in Godaddy or the domain re-seller of your choice for as little as $10, some very important factors are to be considered before hitting the buy button. There are factors which can make or break the success of a website so far getting search traffic is concerned.


1. Brandability & Extensions

As a registered business, a business house should always want to register a domain name similar to its registered name. For example, Shiv Kali Enterprise should look forward to register a domain like www.shivkalienterprise.com instead of getting a keyword rich domain for SEO purpose. Company branding comes first.

Another important aspect in this regard is to select the right extensions. .Com is a popular one followed by .org, .net. But you can book domains with country level extension names if your target area is any particular country.

2. Short, Sweet & Memorable

It doesn’t need any extra explanation that a domain name for your website would be considered to be catchy if it is short sweet and easily remembered.

3. Keyword Rich

An example would make it clear. Suppose a kolkata based  small business supplies pipe fittings. They might go for a domain name like www.pipefittingssupplierkolkata.com instead of booking it in their company name for search ranking benefit. This strategy used to work like a charm in the recent past but not now.  Search engine optimization professionals used to recommend EMD or exact match domain names like anything before Google came up with EMD update. But still one can go for EMDs and rank well in SERP provided the content is useful. Google or any other search engines can not punish you just because you have an exact match keyword domain. And if it is possible to insert a keyword inside the domain name, go for it. It would be considered as a PMD or partial match domain.

4. With or Without Hyphen

We do not recommend hyphenated domain name because it is unprofessional and users get confused. But so long SEO is concerned, it doesn’t make any difference.

5. Domain history

The most important and little known part is analyzing the domain history before buying the name. Checking whether the domain is expired and blacklisted by search engines or not is an absolute must. Blacklisted domain will not be indexed at all regardless how much effort you put into it. If the domain is found to be engaged in unethical SEO practices, Google generally de-index the domain from their SERP. So careful research needs to be done to ensure that the domain is in safe list.

6. AdSense Banned Checker:

In case you are planning to register a domain to build a content site and make money from google AdSense off of it, then you should be extra careful about it and check whether the domain in question is banned from AdSense or not. Everyday lot of domain get’s banned from AdSense for site level violation along with the ban of accounts. So if you mistakenly buy one of these banned domains, you will not be able to monetize it with AdSense. There are several AdSense banned domain checker available. You can use Bannedcheck for the same.