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5 things to know about SEO in 2023

5 things to know about SEO in 2023

This article is going to be on what will be the trend in SEO in 2023 and beyond. In every single year there is a hue and cry that SEO is dead or soon going to be dead. In reality nothing like that  happens. Because as long there will be mankind, there will be search engines. As long as there will be search engines, there will be competitions for the first page ranking. Competition in ranking in the first page creates the need of Search engine optimizer regardless what algorithm is google up to.

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Rank brain etc Google updates are constantly releasing from  time to time. But the basics of Search Engine Optimization never changes. Google wants to deliver answers to its users in the best possible way. In order to do that, Google still sees mainly two factors. Relevance and popularity.

1. How much important is Onsite optimization?

It’s terribly important. Regardless whoever says what, from our personal experiences what we have seen is without even building a single link to some of our client sites, we have been able to achieve first page rankings just with advanced onsite optimization. So relevance matters. Content is still the king.

2. Are Links important?

Links are number one SEO metric in 2019. It’s true that, fair bit of onsite SEO and content optimization brings results for less competitive keywords. But in extremely competitive zone, you don’t stand a chance without quality links pointing to your site. If content is king then link Building is God.

3. Why Black-hatters are still there in the market?

Because they still get results doing black hat. We don’t do much of black hat for our client sites because of the accountability and reputation in case something bad happens eventually. One more important thing is that, building any kind of links is black-hat in google’s eyes. So every SEO does black hat in that sense.

4. Is SEO really FREE??

SEO may be free in low competitive landscape because some white hat onsite practices might get you on the desired spot without having to spend much money. But for competitive keywords, unless the site is pre-qualified, white hat SEO practices only bring frustration in the end. In this SEO war nobody wants to give you a link for no reason but everyone wants to get one. Unless you have an authority website already, only white hat  practices will get you no where in competitive landscape.

And if you go for a mix of white hat and black hat SEO, friend, it’s not free. You need to pay the price at every point. If you create a network of sites for link building purpose, lot of money to be pumped out. So the conclusion is neither SEO is FREE nor it will be in near future.

5. What about buying links?

It’s risky. It works. It will be working way beyond. Unless Google discounts quality links in their algorithm. Studies have shown that Links are the #1 SEO metric in 2019. If you can do it in a subtle way without any footprints, you are assured to get quick results regardless what Matt Cutt says.