WordPress Development Company In Kolkata, India

WordPress Development Company In Kolkata, India

WordPress Development : Our Core Expertise

Developing WordPress sites  is one of our core expertise areas of the service verticals we deliver. Our experience & deeper understanding with WordPress content management system (CMS)  helps us build sites as per the custom requirement of our esteemed clients all across the world. Be it look and feel of the site, be it layout structure of it or the high level responsiveness, we create WordPress sites which clients simply fall in love with.

Wordpress website development


Unique Custom WordPress Theme

The theme for your WordPress project will be hand coded from scratch and it will obviously be unique and professional in design. There is no question of using any free WordPress themes or paid ones either from WordPress.org theme repository or from other theme marketplace which many others do. There are lots of cons of using free/paid themes available in the marketplace because most of them don’t have the exact same layout you want, lack optimized coding, problems with responsiveness, create conflicts with plugins etc. We always create themes for all the WordPress projects we do for better coding practices and optimum results as well as satisfaction for clients.

Any Features You Want

Each and every requirement specified by the clients are entirely taken care of with utmost care and expertise. There is literally no features that have to be compromised, as we can get each and every requirements reflected in your WordPress Website while keeping the professional look and feel at its peak.

Responsive WordPress Sites

Use of CSS Bootstrap framework renders amazing responsiveness and liveliness to the site. Your site will be responsive to any devices as well as any operating systems prevailing today. Optimum responsiveness is attributed for any sort of mobile devices (tab iPad Apple devices android devices etc) as well as desktop/laptop. Completely responsive sites stand out from the crowd from both usability point of view as well as Search engine optimization point of view.

SEO Friendly WordPress Development

As we are also into Search Engine Optimization arena, while we design and develop your WordPress website, we take care of the factors that makes your sites optimized from structural aspect and onsite optimization point of view.

Customized Dashboard

Our custom coding practice ensures a customized back-end for our WordPress clients so that they can edit major portion of the site without learning a line of code and any prior experience whatsoever. Even experienced WordPress user understands the value of requirement specific  back-end dashboard for easy content editing and publishing new contents. Blog integration is as required by the customers. We create requirement specific dashboard for optimum results.

Use of Less Plugins

Most importantly, We use minimum (and we mean it) plugins for any WordPress development projects because we have the expertise to write codes for whatever features are required by our clients. Less the plugins, better the site in terms of code optimization and being lighter. A lighter WordPress site with clean compatible codes performs better in search engines and loads faster than a plugin heavy WordPress site. There is no question of theme conflicts with plugins as we write compatible scripting languages for specific required outcomes.


Secure WordPress Site

Sites we create with WordPress are secure and not vulnerable to the hackers. We implement special encryption techniques which imparts additional security hence making the site hacker-proof. WordPress sites developed by us are never reported to be hacked or compromised in any way.

Free Mock-up Design for Your Project

If you are planning to develop a WordPress website for your business purpose, ask us a free demonstration for your website design. Feel free to contact us and tell us your requirement. We will show you design entirely customized for your requirements. You can then decide on your own. Contact us now.

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