Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

If you are well informed about new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , you must be knowing that the SEO landscape has drastically been changed. The fact is that, most of the old school spammy SEO practices simply don’t work now¬† and will not work in the days to come because Google wants the web to be a clean and quality place for its users.


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On the contrary the so called techniques like keyword stuffing, spamming the web in the name of link building or using other black hat SEO practices which used to work earlier 6 yrs down the line, now literally harm and messes things up because Google has come up with series of continuously changing Algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, Rank-brain etc for benefiting its users.

Organic SEO Expert Kolkata For Local Google Ranking

keeping ourselves updated with the latest search engine updates, especially Google updates is part of the game because SEO or digital marketing as a whole is a knowledge driven business. We never implement black hat or any kind SEO solutions which do more harm than any good. On the contrary, faster and sustainable results are provided with the help of sethical approaches.

If you are unsure of what keywords will get you most business, we are there to conduct advanced keyword research with the help of our premium SEO tools and competitor analysis to find a set of most profitable keywords for your business website that get you conversions and sales.

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