Hiring an SEO consultant in Kolkata costs you money. Money is hard earned. So why should you hire an SEO consultant at all? It’s implied that when you have an offline business of demand, local people are searching for your business using Google. Or may be you are providing excellent services in a locality /national level. In every cases, you need to have the proper  digital outreach so that customers/clients/patients keep coming to you like clockwork.  As we have stated earlier that creating a vibrant website for your business or company is not at all enough to reach its full potential. Because in most cases when a website is created by a web designer/developer, standard quality guidelines for website optimization is completely ignored.

seo consultant kolkata imageYou can not even blame your website designer or developer because it is beyond their scope of work and so to speak the truth they are completely blank in this regard. Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into play right there. It’s a no brainer that if your website gets visible in Google’s front page for targeted search keywords, you will get more enquiry, calls, clients, patients etc. And this is the very reason you should be hiring an SEO consultant in Kolkata for your business development.

It’s win and win. We help you make more money by getting you targeted leads. And we deserve getting paid. This is how we provide our digital marketing consultancy along with execution of all the technical stuffs by ourselves. You will feel totally hands free if you engage us for your internet marketing endeavor.

In 8 years of experience in SEO business, i have seen lot of vibrantly designed company websites are losing out in terms of search presence in Google Search just because they are not optimized for search. I have seen lot of business owners try to do it of their own and mess things up. It’s always better for you to leave it in the hand of an advanced SEO consultant and focus on your own business where you are actually needed.

I am working in Kolkata as an SEO freelancer for around 8 years with amazing clients from Kolkata and around the world. They stick to me because they understand the value I keep giving from time to time.