SEO is an acronym of  Search Engine Optimization. And this is all about getting better visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for the websites/blogs/forums/portals to attract more visitors/traffic to it and increase the conversion rate thus ROI. SEO is a system of methods used to enhance a website’s ranking in search engine’s organic or natural (not paid) search results. This includes optimizing the on-page factors, such as using relevant keywords, making sites W3C compliant, and a whole range of important SEO techniques and  off page activity includes most importantly building links to increase link popularity of websites. Then Social Media Optimization takes it place followed by social bookmarking and blog marketing.
Basically SEO is about Making a website relevant to the search engines and Making it popular by building links to it from other websites

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Onsite Optimization

To make a website relevant for any particular theme is executed by opting on-page optimization factors like

Restructuring of website’s architecture
Restructuring of URL structure
Implementation of Meta Tags
Implementation of Heading tags
Removal of search engine unfriendly elements.
Writing Search engine friendly codes and optimizing the existing ones.
Insertion of keyword inside the content maintaining certain important parameters
Interlinking with proper anchor texts
Image Optimization
Page Rank sculpting
Sitemap submission
Solving canonical issues
Solving duplicate content issues
Video optimization
Others (Can’t afford to reveal publicly)

Off-Page Optimization

And to make a website popular, the site has to attract votes in terms of links from other existing websites. And this is the most important part of SEO. Just making a site relevant will not do. There has to be links pointing to it.

Link structure can be of variety of types like

Reciprocal Links
One-way backlinks
3-way back linking & other complex structures

And the linking should be done with a keyword rich link text or anchor text. Using proper anchor text increases the value of links a many fold. But variation  of anchor texts is very much needed in order to avoid raising red flags in G’s control room.

Links can be built many a ways.

By directly requesting to webmasters for  backlinks
Web directory submissions (If and only if the quality metric allows)
Article directory submissions (Obsolete in 2016 and beyond)
links from web 2.0 sites. (Yes we use it but with a special twist to it)
Forum signature links (Not for SEO benefit)
Blog directory submissions (Only if blog is integrated to our existing client website. Quality of the directory is assessed before submission)
RSS directory submission (RSS or really simple syndication technology will be a thing of the past very soon, so we don’t depend to much on it)
Commenting on Blogs (Commenting on blogs seems to be an easy thing to do but only high authority blogs are chosen and relevant contributing comments are made to ensure the comment is published. Avoid easy links like plague)
Other link building strategies (Can’t afford to reveal publicly. As you might be knowing that SEO or digital marketing as a whole is completely a knowledge driven business. And this is where we take credit for keeping ourself updated with the latest trends in SEO and being innovative with our advanced offpage SEO strategy. The information is so exclusive that we really cannot afford to give it away for free)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) :

It is about optimizing websites to attract traffic from social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc.

Social Bookmarking:

This is about posting existing  blog posts or writing content in social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Linked in etc. It does not help much in hiking the position on SERP but it gets traffic for the site.

Blog Marketing :

As search engine loves blogs due to its frequent updating nature, a blog can highly be integrated with websites and interlinked with the  different pages (deep linking) of the host website to get the SEO benefit from it.

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