SEO is not all about new tricks and strategies, on the contrary it is a long term strategic approach that takes into account all the relevant factors. Even though Google keeps updating its search engine algorithm from time to time, the basics remained same. If we SEOs/webmasters/website owners come up with an user friendly useful website, search engine like Google can’t really resist to show it up in the first page for its relevant keywords considering the user intent.

SEO in 2015

We all know that Google algo is mainly based upon two broad factors namely Relevance and Popularity. Be it 2015 or 2020, basic algorithmic structure is not gonna change any time soon. A time was there when Google was starving for content regardless whether it is good or bad. But in the present context content is  a severe problem to Google because of the amount of content being uploaded to the web every single day. A search engine cannot afford to mark a content to be bad unless it is processed with their mechanism, i.e crawling and processing before e showing it up in SERP. So the secret is in producing relevant content and making it popular by natural means. And Google will fall in love with website.

Spammy SEOs will still be trying to optimize a site with their newly discovered spam techniques which might bring some result for a shorter period of time if it is around a loophole. But once the loophole is taken care of, all the efforts are gone. So it is always better to provide search engine what they want if you are looking forward to the valuable organic traffic. Click here to get the Google’s guide to SEO. Otherwise it’s better to forget about SEO altogether.

I (a Kolkata based SEO expert) have ranked some of my client sites without even building a single backlink. And it’s ranking without any fail. After all the devastating updates some people say “SEO is dead”. I would say the SEO landscape in 2015 is changed not dead.