Here at Clickymind our deep knowledge in Internet marketing is constantly being executed in developing business of our clients in Kolkata. Internet marketing or web marketing is a huge thing and SEO or search Engine Optimization is a small part of it. As web marketing consultant kolkata we do understand and execute the various facets but  mainly focused to Inbound marketing which mainly includes SEO, SMO, Blogging etc. Whereas IM includes countless free and paid traffic strategies apart from Google SEO or social media. It includes whole lot of marketing concepts too.

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Starting from display advertising, Pay per click, Affiliate marketing, CPA we have been there, done that. What we have realized is that, instead of throwing blatant advertising in the face of customers it’s always better to attract the right customer (Buyers persona) then convert the buyer persona into leads and then close and delight. This marketing style has been the demand of time because buyers are in control. They should only be given what they want at that moment.

SEO and internet marketing as a whole allows you to do the inbound marketing which will drastically increase your business through internet.

In order to execute the technicalities and the practicalities on internet marketing, you need an internet marketing consultant to work with. Clickymind provides the same service in Kolkata.