We  function as  SEO freelancer in Kolkata area. A freelancer is suitable for a business with a low SEO budget because an SEO company would charge way higher than that of a freelancer. If you are looking for an SEO freelancer in Kolkata area, then I am your SEO Specialist kolkata who clearly knows how to make your profession or business visible at the first page of Google, yahoo and Bing. SEO is by default an instinctive art which needs overall attention of a single person like an Webmaster not for an individual in a larger company. Let me tell you the advantages of hiring a freelancer over a so called SEO company.

freelance SEO kolkata

A Freelance SEO Specialist Costs less than an SEO Company in Kolkata, India

Definitely the reason is not that you are going to get poor service. But on the contrary you will be surprised with the quality of SEO services that you get delivered. Reasons are

  1. An SEO freelancer in Kolkata has almost no overheads as compared to a larger SEO agency.
  2. A large  company is less able to scale down services to cope with smaller projects, where as a Freelance SEO needs smaller projects to survive
  3. They are likely to charge a standard monthly fee, a Freelance SEO specialist can offer a bespoke service defined by the needs of the client.
  4. A local Freelance Consultant has to be providing excellent services in order to survive and must achieve results to retain your business.
  5. A Freelance Consultant is more likely to; care about your project, treat you with respect, return your calls and deliver the work on time whereas while you opt for an SEO company, they won’t give you much time to talk.

So far we are concerned, we are concerned in giving you the result that matters. We provide the result first and ask for a payment later. This itself reflects our confidence and effectiveness in the SEO services that we provide.