Here in this article we are going to share some crucial marketing tips for small business owners for their business development through SEO. With the rise of internet and smartphones owners of SMBs have started realizing that taking their business online is no more optional. It is a must. Otherwise it’s sort of leaving money on the table. But the disheartening part is Google always changes their strategies about how they would like to present the results to searchers. Recently after 6th August google brought up a drastic change in their local search results. Previously their used to be 7 local listing along with their phone numbers. But now it has become only 3 which doesn’t even include the phone number. Users need to get the phone number (if they want) by a further click where they will be given the competitor information too just like in business directories like India mart and others.

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This update is going to bring a hard time to SMBs who were previously listed in the top 7 of local listing be it kolkata or any local places over the world. SMBs who used to rank #4 to #7, are expected to receive less phone calls than they did. The first three listing also would suffer the visibility of the phone number is reduced by making it one more click away.

So far SEOs are concerned, especially those who were more focused in providing better local listing to the clients will have hard time convincing their clients of the recent downhill and overnight removal of listing.

Now SMBs will have to think differently. Depending much on the local listing even without an website will not bring the desired result any more. It’s time to jump right in with an optimized website and rank for the profitable business keywords that buyers search while intend to find a particular product. Contact me @9874490177 for a free consultation now.