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The SEO techniques we implement are 100% ethical but pretty littleknown

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not a hit and run thing. Lot of aspects need to get covered

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We are also pretty selective in choosing our clients as well. We only work with clients we know we can deliver.

Why Go For Search Engine Optimization?

Online presence of your offline business is not an option anymore. If you are not capitalizing on potential customers who could be finding your business from internet, literally you are leaving money on the table because your competitors taking due advantage of it. SEO Expert Kolkata, strives to provide dedicated and expert organic SEO services in  Kolkata area, making your company/business website appear in the first page of Google search for your desired set of business specific keywords. Internet marketing or web marketing for your business would prove to be of huge benefit once you correctly opt for it and get it done by ethical search engine optimization. Techniques should  ensure compliance with Google Webmaster guidelines.

SEO  is the new-normal to get you  customers who want to buy from you or want to use services that you provide either as a company or individual. It’s not only for small, medium or big size businesses, it could be of immense use for different professionals and freelancers from various streams. Be it Doctors, Lawyers,  Chartered Accountants or any major trades, internet visibility would get them more patients and clients. Indirectly here at ClickyMind we are generating targeted leads for your business to grow.

If you are well informed about new Search Engine Optimization, you must be knowing that the SEO landscape has drastically been changed. The fact is that, most of the old school spammy SEO practices simply don’t work in 2016 and will not work in the days ahead because Google wants the web to be a clean and quality place for. On the contrary the so called techniques which used to work like charm, now  harm to the extent and messes things up because Google has come up with series of  Panda, Penguin like sensitive updates which dictate who ranks and who tanks.


The main problem starts when a business hires a web designer or developer for launching their company website. The web designer or developer may be highly talented but due to the lack of keyword research & SEO know-how they end up creating a professional looking vibrant site which in most cases becomes highly search engine unfriendly and the purpose of creating the website is not fulfilled. And unfortunately the website owner doesn’t get the expected return on the investment.

Being an  experienced web marketing consultant kolkata, when we design or develop a website, every little known SEO factors are optimized for best results from the very beginning.

Extraordinary work done by ClickyMind. I have paid lot of money to business listing sites but all in vain. They just want my money. Chandan created a tiny site for me to promote myself as a gastroenterologist in Kolkata. And I can’t believe that within few months my site is ranking in the first page of Google getting me huge phone calls followed by patients. Thanks Chandan.
Dr. Indraneel Saha, Quadra

What We Do for SEO?

As an  SEO expert Kolkata, we first  concentrate in understanding  your business model. How do you function. Who are your customers. How do they use internet while they intend to find your business or service. We work out the keyword phrases using our advanced keyword research techniques. We reverse engineer the phrases  that get typed by your potential customers/clients. Then we go for both onsite and offsite optimization (Link Building) campaign and successfully execute it. Unlike onsite optimization, offsite optimization is an ongoing process. But still, with the kind of pace digital marketplace is moving ahead, iterative website improvement is now demand of time. Effective offsite SEO (Link Building, SMO) improves and maintains the rank of sites in Google search. Implementing beyond the obvious techniques is something that we do for all our clients.

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A Brief of what we instantly do for Onsite Optimization as an SEO specialist kolkata

  • Website Auditing using our premium website Auditor.
  • Diagnose the problems and note them down.
  • Title tag optimization.
  • Header (H1, H2, H3 etc.) Optimization.
  • Website Link Structure Optimization.
  • SEO friendly URL optimization.
  • Link Title & Anchor Text Optimization
  • Interlinking & Outbound Link Optimization.
  • Anchor text correction
  • Image Optimization for SEO by Alt text, image title tag, caption, resolution, size etc
  • Duplicate content issue is instantly solved
  • SEO friendly website architecture.
  • CSS, Javascript & Coding optimization.
  • Meta description is optimized for both users and search engine.
  • Solve canonical issues (if any).
  • Correct the content both for users and search engines.
  • Strategic placement of content.
  • Edition or addition of content if required.
  • Associate Google webmaster tool account for more insights.
  • Diagnosed problems are solved one by one.
  • robots.txt optimization.
  • .htaccess file optimization.
  • Any kind of redirection is correctly done.
  • Blog is integrated if required for content marketing
  • Google places Local Listing is optimized
  • Google Local business listing is taken care of
  • Effecting Citations are created on right places
  • Sitemap (html & xml) is created and submitted for better crawling and usability respectively.


                                     Believe it or not,  most of the SEOs never care for long term success of your business website.

Even though they managed to  show you results for a short period of time taking undue advantage of a loophole but your site becomes vulnerable to ever-flux search engine algorithm updates and keeps losing its rank/positions in search results as well as visitors day after day. Some pure novice self proclaimed SEOs promise big but fail to deliver. But what  they generally do is they create a bunch a easy links pointing to your website which in fact raise the spam signal instead of helping. We on the other hand, conduct search engine friendly ethical optimization campaign for your site rendering high and stable ranking for your desired keywords.

Being an internet marketing consultant in Kolkata, Instead of  getting complacent with only high ranking/first page appearance of your website’s landing page in Google search, customized Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies are implemented to optimize the conversion rate. We take the help of Advanced Analytics insights in order to assess the existing problems, take necessary actions to get rid of them and finally measure the success.

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keeping  ourselves updated with the latest search engine updates, especially Google updates is part of the game because SEO or digital marketing as a whole is a knowledge driven business.  We never implement black hat or any kind  SEO solutions which do more harm than any good. On the contrary faster and sustainable results are provided with ethical approaches.

If you are unsure of what keywords will get you most business, we are there to conduct advanced keyword research with the help of  our premium SEO  tools  and competitor analysis  to find a set of most profitable keywords for your business website that get you conversions and sales.

As you can surely guess that the exact procedure that is implemented is our secret. We incorporate advanced Search Engine Placement strategies and little known white hat techniques about which most of the SEOs are clueless. We conduct the same old onsite optimization, offsite optimization, social media marketing, blog marketing but with a customized and different approach. Onsite optimization is taken care of from the very beginning in order to make search engines fall in love with the site followed by first page ranking.
We can not publicly disclose all our clients websites and the respective keywords . If you come on-board for our  Expert organic SEO service in Kolkata, we never mind showing you  all the proof in detail. The reason behind this is to protect our beloved clients from unwanted hazards. All the time, people are searching for a business like yours in the internet.  Get found in Google with our Search Engine Optimization  services for increased brand recognition and targeted customers. If you intend to get more phone calls or inquiries from your potential clients/customers/patients through your Website, please do contact now. Call @ 09874490177

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